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Maximize your Profitability by Streamlining Your Sales with Our best CRM Solutions

Business practices change over time and adapt to new technology and mindset. The concept of CRM is not new, but the way it is portrayed in the digital scenario augmented its relevance multiple times.
Wondering how CRM aligns with marketing, sales, and customer service? CRM drives automation in the field by utilizing real-time sales & marketing data throughout the customer’s lifecycle. To improve customer retention rate and drive sales growth, data is collected and maintained in the CRM database for easy access. It helps in building a relationship with service users, customers, partners, suppliers, and colleagues.

Maximize your Profitability by Streamlining Your Sales with Our best CRM Solution-min
Your business needs our CRM solutions. Know why-min

Your business needs our CRM solutions. Know why?

Discover and organize profitable leads, boost engagement, drive deals to closure, create a sales report to nurture the customer relationship with an all-inclusive lead management solution.
Task automation saves time, which can be used to improve business reach. If performance matters to you, utilizing CRM solutions would help you connect sales, service, marketing, and IT to satisfy your customers. Our CRM solutions allow you to access a real-time, 360-degree vision of your lead management.

But before that, know what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is?

From lead generation and conversion to customer services and experience, aligning the milestone of customer interface leads to successful business management. It not only strengthens existing relationships but also prepares an outline to nurture a new relationship. We are an award-winning CRM software Development Company, developing highly efficient and easy to deploy software.

No need to switch between multiple platforms. Our customized CRM solution contains tools for all from entrepreneurs and executives to business owners and even CEOs for improved client relationship management. At Assert IT Solutions, our multi-tasking software allows you to track your customer’s movement and budget simultaneously and let your teamwork in sync to streamline and automate your business processes.

But before that, know what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is-min
Benefits of our CRM solutions-min

Benefits of our CRM solutions

• Top CRM With Integrated platform, AI and other modern features;
• Feature-Rich Contact Management System;
• Enhanced Cross-team Communication And Collaboration;
• Scalable and Flexible to fit any company, irrespective of size and scope;
• Instant reporting and analytics for advance sales metrics;
• Improved customer retention and satisfaction;
• More power to sales management;
• Improved productivity, results and ROI.

Revolutionize Your Sales and Marketing With Assert IT Solutions

CRM Software as a Service

Our CRM software enables you to organize complete information about the lead from generation to conversion. We develop for you fully-featured CRM software based on your company requirement and expectations. Ingrained with all essential tools and features, our CRM software is highly customizable and scalable. Our user-friendly and intuitive CRM software has a plethora of tools and options to help your business offer improved customer support and solutions.

CRM Software as a Service-min
CRM Software as a Solution-min
CRM Software as a Solution

• CRM Software Customization
Upgrade your existing software with all the features and tool-suite that you expected. Our team can do it with added professionalism.

• CRM Software Maintenance
We can help you upgrade from your existing CRM solution to our superior CRM software without much hassle. Simplify your workflow with cutting-edge tools and features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can CRM improve our business process?

CRM is the secret to improved customer satisfaction, growth, sales, and revenues. It’s an action pack that lets you manage and store all the data and necessary information in a centrally accessible place. It brings you on good terms with your clients by keeping an ongoing business record. It is a space where you can track opportunities and activities by scoring and routing leads. It will give you an insight into lead stages to let you improve your relationship with prospective customers.

Do you offer your product in the cloud?

Yes, we do offer cloud-enabled CRM for small and large scale enterprises. We provide this service to our customers in two ways: cloud-based and on-premise. You are allowed to switch between any of these two as per your scalability needs. Our services include all business models to entrench the best business solutions for you. CRM systems and cloud services are priced as per the scope of the project.

What’s the difference between CRM and ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP is aimed at managing and saving data and information related to the various modules being operated in an enterprise.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – CRM organizes and automates the sales process and streamlines marketing and customer service.

While CRM manages the customers, ERP manages the business operations of the enterprise.

How much does CRM software cost?

Companies having a sales department know the worth of having customer relationship management software. We offer CRM software solutions to all small, mid and large scale enterprises working in various industries. Every software that we design is highly competitive and reasonably priced. CRM prices depend upon the number of people in the team. The more people, the higher will be the investment on CRM. These fully featured packages serve the basic function of owning CRM software with advanced features like customized reporting and sales automation.

Is CRM customizable for my business?

Every business is different in its process and details and requires a customizable CRM. It should be loaded with features and functionality that can help you stay ahead of your competitors and simply the process for you to understand your leads. Our CRM software is highly compatible with every business and can integrate the latest technologies. Know what customizations you want in your CRM and share them with our software consultants and CRM experts to ensure that it meets your expectations.

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