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Award-Winning Social Media Marketing Agency

Let your brand go viral on social media to earn traffic and profit. Guess what? It is the easiest way to widen your web reach.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing Agency

Our Holistic Social Media Marketing Approach

Our social media marketing experts keep these holistic marketing approaches in their minds
while generating any successful marketing strategy.

KPI & Metrics Setup

By setting up the important KPIs to track your business, we analyze business performance and review the business objectives.

Product Messaging & Positioning

As the best social media marketing agency in Noida, we craft simple, and tangible product messages and positioning for your brand.

Blog Promotion

Through the help of our content writers, we create numerous relevant blog posts and advertise them on social media as well.

E-mail Automation

Our social media marketing agency triggers your users by sending them a series of automated E-mails based on user’s behavior or preferences.

Lead Generation

Marketing & Sales Stack Setup

Our skilled marketers set up the CRM, SaaS platform, analytics, and other automation tools to check social media marketing plans for efficiency, overlaps, and gaps.

Funnel Optimization

Our social media marketing team retargets your leads on social media channels through the funnels and helps you to generate a massive ROI for your business.

Landing Pages

We run lead generation campaigns based on your past performance and future goals. Everything at Assert IT Solutions is client and conversion-centered, and so the landing pages.

Typography &Setup

Every brand needs customer support to make a successful online presence. Our experienced marketing team implements strategies to get targeted customer data for the future success of your business.

Audience Segments

With years of experience in marketing, we help you to identify the exact audience for your brand and target the individual by creating a personalized audience segment.

Customer Journeys

Instead of just keeping track of the conversion part, our social media experts map out the overall customer journey. The main objective is to identify the actions taken by the users until the conversions.

Content Assets

With the help of these content assets, like EBooks, videos, InfoGraphics, reports, and presentations, our expert content marketers set up your content with proper research and uniqueness that grabs the customers' attention.

Dashboard Reporting

For better decision-making, we create a business intelligence dashboard for owners and managers.

All Integration & Setup Documents

We generate and provide timely project reports so that you can keep track of your progress.

Social Media Marketing Services

One thing that truly got attention over years is social media. Our social media marketing experts work closely on your brand and promote it on
various social media platforms for maximum reach and engagement.

Twitter Marketing

To promote your brand on Twitter, our marketing experts analyze the profile setup, content strategy, follower growth, Twitter card setup, and Twitter advertising to boost audience engagement.

LinkedIn Marketing

Through the videos, images, Sponsored Content Ads, text ads, Sponsored InMail ads, we market your brand on LinkedIn to target a B2B audience to generate maximum leads and reach.

Youtube Marketing

With the help of our Youtube marketing services, develop your brand by promoting it to your potential customer through display, skippable and non-skippable video, and sponsored ads.

Facebook Marketing

It is well-versed that an inactive Facebook page only gives you feed, not leads. As a social media marketing agency in Noida we manage your Facebook page to promote more engagement and build brand credibility. Our social media marketing experts help you to connect with people worldwide.

Instagram Marketing

With the proper keyword research, profile optimization, follower tactics, regular schedule posting, story integration, promotion posts and advertisements, our Instagram marketing experts utilize productive tools to analyze and generate a flourishing and outstanding Instagram marketing strategy.
Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Promises Growth and Consistency

Social media marketing campaigns start with a goal. A goal of reaching to millions of customers, and grow the audience. Our social media marketing experts go through all the aspects of social media to build a successful social presence for your brand.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Why to choose Assert IT Solutions for Social Media Marketing Services?

Many businesses try social media marketing on their own, but due to a lack of professional skills, they fail to deliver expected results. During this tussle, their competitors leap at the chance to grow and convert the maximum audience. Do you want to be like them? If not, get in touch.

Innovation is our backbone, and we drive it through every task we approach. At Assert IT solution, we have helped hundreds of businesses to grow on social media, attract traffic, and get leads and engagements for maximum ROI. When you choose us as your social media marketing partner, we make sure you stay at the forefront of the competitive edge.

Social Media Marketing Services
Build your authentic social media presence with us.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does social media marketing cost?

The cost of social media marketing depends upon a number of factors, including the number of platforms you want to get advertised on, no. of posts per week, business size, budget, type of content, paid ads or posts, etc. No matter what, investing in social media services is more a win-win situation that can get you more traffic – organic and paid, followers, subscribers, and more sales. Social media marketing cost varies from company to company, but the average cost is $300.

On which social media platforms do you market my brand, and how often?

If you are new to social media marketing, we will try to build your social media presence on every potential platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. if you have any further suggestions, we will take them into account. Depending upon the package you choose, we will stick to the frequency of posting. We have a variety of packages to ensure that our social media services fall into your budget.

How do you deal with negative or bad comments?

We believe that social media is where customers are allowed to express their unbiased opinions. However, we understand the gravity of the situation for a brand to see negative comments on their social media profiles. It can demean the reputation and customer’s trust, and for this, we take effective steps. We have a team of social media experts and online reputation management experts who are well-versed with the handling of adversities that a brand may face. Here are two possible ways out, which we follow.

  • Address the concern of the customers in order to recoup their trust. By doing so, we can pursue them to delete or edit their negative comments.

Social media platforms offer content moderation solutions, i.e., comment filtering that can help filter out negative comments from appearing on your profile.

How to measure ROI on social media?

To determine social media ROI, here is the formula:

Social Media ROI = Profit from social media- expenditure to earn that revenue / total investment in social media marketing.

Reach, traffic, engagement and conversions on social media are all essential metrics of ROI. Determine your initial goals and see if they are getting fulfilled. If yes, you are getting benefited by social media advertising.

Traffic through paid promotions or organic traffic - what do you prefer?

It’s all your choice. If you want instant traffic and results, paid promotions would be better. But if you want to grow organically, we will follow our regular approach that can bring you more organic traffic. If you have enough budget, we advise you to go for paid promotions and once you get sufficient followers and likes, start going slow with organic marketing. It increases your reach to help more people know about you and your brand, thus building a credibility status. Our social media agency will assist you with both.

Still have questions?